Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Days of Perfect Imperfection

Kind of a strange title, huh?

Who knows maybe it will sucker someone in to read. :) I had the urge to write this post just as I am heading to bed after what has been a very full couple of days. As we all know WW is about life change, it is also about adaptation and evolution. There are many people who who follow the program with a zeal that almost borders of religion. There are others that take things in a more cafeteria style. Each person follows their own path and hopefully each person reaches their goals in their own time. We take from the program the tools and the information that will guide us on the journey. Some people beat themselves up if they falter, some people throw in the towel if hit a bump in the road. I know I have been guilty of this many times. I have stop and started this program so many times I think my brain would fry if I tried to count them all. I do think that this incarnation of the program is the best yet, and I am thankful that the boards, groups, Facebook groups are here to help. It's kind of like having a meeting every day.

Where is all this going you may ask - well, the past two days have been a rather exhausting day of walking. I don't have a car so many times in order to run errands or sometimes just for pleasure (? !) I subject myself to long and rather exhausting walks. In this case two days of 10+ miles of errands and in one case a brief stop at the beach. Needless to say I'm pretty exhausted. What is strange about this two days is that while I have racked up APs out the wazoo, I seem to avoided GHGs just as much. Not intentionally by any means. I normally really try and focus on getting all of them in, etc. But it just seems that these two days have been kind of junk food fiesta. I have tracked everything which is good, but it seems odd that on one hand I am getting all that activity in on the other I'm not eating the "right things." Am I worried about it? No - not at all. Do I feel discouraged? Nope. Maybe it's a sign of my personal evolution, maybe I am learning something after all. Perhaps I am actually figuring out that while I strive to be perfect, I know that ultimately I have to do the best I can. If I falter or heaven forbid eat a utterly delicious black and white cookie instead of a sauteed chicken breast - guess what - that's what REAL people do. It really is all about balance and equality. Tomorrow I wake up, have my oatmeal and continue on this journey.

Onward and downward

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