Who am I?

"Who am I, anyway?" - A Chorus Line (1975)
I think that is a question that many people ask on a regular basis? It is a question asked many times over the course of a lifetime. Do we ever figure it out? I'm not sure we actually ever do. Much has been written about the subject and many religions have been founded upon the basis of self-discovery. What I do know about myself is that I am a work in progress, I am constantly evolving, learning and sometimes relearning.

What I do know: I am a man on a journey. I have been a waiter for about 25 years, I have also been overweight for perhaps 39 of my 41 years. I have been a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers since March of 1989, and since that time I have moved up and down the scale more often than a Mozart Concerto.

I'm also an artist, of the theatrical variety. I tend to ramble, I tend to express myself - a lot. I tend to rant, misbehave and live to tell about it. I'm not perfect, heaven knows I'm not a good role model. But I am honest. I tell it like it is, I write about anything that pops into my head for better or for worse. I wear my emotions on an XL sleeve and I hope others can learn from my mistakes and maybe someone can glean a little wisdom and insight from my ramblings.While I do follow the WW program, I understand that not everyone does. I think it is the best system out there - but I then again, I am biased. Feel free to disagree, feel free to comment, but above all if you read these words -interact. It really is though dialogue that we learn from each other. I have spent many years trying to lose weight, while at the same time serving food to the masses. I see a lot and hear a lot. I get frustrated and discouraged. I get excited and I get angry. I guess that is to say - I'm human. I reach for 100% and many times I hit 80% or 70% and sometimes 30%.

Here goes, nothing - away we go!!!!

Onward and Downward!

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